3 reasons to use postscript text message marketing for your retail business

After running a successful boutique and working as a marketing service provider for retailers, I've found Postscript to be one of the best platforms for SMS marketing. 

Here are three reasons why I recommend it to retailers and business owners:

  1. User-Friendly: Postscript is incredibly user-friendly and has clear expectations. 

It helps ensure compliance with TCPA regulations and provides up-to-date information on SMS marketing and strategy. Setting up privacy policies and terms of service is simple. It also offers various methods to collect subscribers, including landing page links, QR code generation, pop-ups, and checkout collection. The direct integration with Shopify is perfect for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers.

  1. Simple Automations: Postscript makes automations easy with its pre-made templates, whether you're using automation flows or legacy automations.


Postscript SMS marketing platform for Shopify retailers

  1. Campaign Message Templates: If you're unsure about what to send to your subscriber list, Postscript offers a library of message templates to choose from when creating a campaign. Additionally, they have a website full of inspiration from other businesses. Click here to check it out: https://postscript.io/fantastic-texts
Postscript marketing templates for boutiques and other retailers

Postscript offers different pricing plans, starting from $0 per month with a $25 monthly minimum spend. For larger lists on pro plans, there's a higher level of support each month. If you're interested in trying out Postscript for your business, you can find more details by clicking here. You'll get a 30-day free trial when using my link.

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