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Beginner's Course for Klaviyo: For Retailers

Beginner's Course for Klaviyo: For Retailers

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Are you ready to take your product-based e-commerce store or boutique to the next level? With the Klaviyo Beginner's Course for Retailers, you will be able to easily set up Klaviyo for your store in no time.

Our step-by-step videos offer a comprehensive look at how to use Shopify and Klaviyo together to maximize efficiency and profits. Our course can be used with any e-commerce platform that integrates with Klaviyo, so you can get started right away. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level - get the Klaviyo Beginner's Guide for Retailers today!

  • This is a starter guide for setting up Klaviyo, this guide does not include in depth creation of automations or flows. 

BONUS: I'm sharing some of my favorite Canva templates, along with a video guide on how I find and adapt templates in Canva to use for emails and texts, they can even be repurposed for social media! 

What's included with this course: 

  • Integrating Klaviyo with Shopify (can be applied to other e-commerce platforms that integrate with Klaviyo)
  • Setting up Klaviyo Branding
  • Create your first Campaign template
  • Guide to creating Pop up sign up forms and checkout collection
  • Segmenting and Creating Lists 
  • Quick Start Guide to Creating Flows


FAQ about email and text marketing

How often should I send?

It is important to make sure no matter how often you send, that you maintain consistency. Whether it's once a month, once a week, or two times a week, it's more important to focus on consistency over frequency.

What is the average ROI?

The average ROI for apparel and accessories boutiques is 94.8X, but keep in mind that is an average. There are many people who are lower and many much higher. I do not have any clients who make less than a 6X a return on their investment in Klaviyo. Most people using Klaviyo regularly will see at least double their investment, usually much more than that each month.

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